Continuing Professional Development


Members of the TTIA are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in order to maintain their membership. This initiative ensures that our members are on par with global trends and developments in architecture and maintain a high standard of competence and professionalism in the execution of their duties. Amendments to the Architecture Profession Act of 1992 are currently being drafted that would include CPD as a mandatory requirement for all registered architects in Trinidad and Tobago.

CPD Points

This professional development can be achieved by an architect’s involvement in activities that are aligned with the profession. A point may be awarded for each hour of participation in the activities that encompass the following six main categories below. Members are required to obtain 20 points for each calendar year and must submit these to the TTIA for review and approval.

The points list can be downloaded here.

Recording CPD Points

Architects must record and maintain their CPD points each year for submission to the TTIA via this form.

Section A:

  • Category 1:
    Attending symposia, conventions, conferences, seminars, workshops or lectures approved by the TTIA.
  • Category 2:
    Providing services to the profession e.g. serving on special committees as the need arises or TTIA, BoATT, JCC etc. (long or short term).
  • Category 3:
    Teaching, delivering presentations or being involved in the creation of publications related to the profession.
  • Category 4:
    Enrolment in architecture related post-professional studies, research fellowships.

Section B:

  • Category 5:
    • Architecture related traveling.
    • Planning and or exhibiting architectural work.
    • Organising an architectural event.
    • Mentoring a candidate for professional registration.
    • Completion of an approved short course, such as LEED.
  • Category 6:
    Viewing architecture related educational content online.