New TTIA Executive elected at AGM 2017

At the AGM on Tuesday June 13, 2017, President Mark Franco was re-elected to a second term on the Executive Committee for 2017-18, along with a new slate of returning and new executive members. The President reported on a past year defined by a strong Secretariat, healthy financial position, participatory and supportive Executive, as well as an active membership. He thanked outgoing Past President Alison Grosberg and outgoing Vice President Jason Scarlett for their valuable contributions. Highlights of the previous year included launch of the TTIA Minor Works Contract 2017, partnership with the UWI in the establishment of a Centre for Caribbean Architecture and Urbanism, member presentations on various panels, representations on committees and consultations. Discussions also revolved around ongoing challenges in the construction sector arising from a conflation of external factors as well as changes observed within the profession itself.


  • President Mark Franco
  • Vice President Ronald Ammon
  • Honorary Secretary Gabriella Vidal
  • Honorary Treasurer Jenifer Smith
  • Executive Officer Roshelle Castro
  • Executive Officer Nikisha Powder
  • Executive Officer Robert Thompson