TTIA is 65 Years Old

In 2019, the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects (TTIA) proudly celebrates its 65th anniversary, and takes the occasion to express its sincere gratitude to TTIA members and and industry partners who have driven and supported its development. Over its 65 years, professional architects have volunteered their service to firmly establish the TTIA as the collective voice for promoting the ethical practice, art and science of architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. Today, the TTIA comprises over 150 members sharing a vision for a better built environment, and committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

A Brief History

  • 1954 – First incarnation of the TTIA in the form of the Trinidad and Tobago Society of Architects (TTSA)
  • 1988 – Act for the Incorporation of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects
  • 1992 – As a result of TTIA’s tireless advocacy, the Architecture Profession Act became legislation, paving the way for the formation of the Board of Architecture of Trinidad and Tobago (BoATT) responsible for registration of Architects and regulation of the practice of Architecture in the country.
  • 1999 – Publication of TTIA’s first Standard Form of Contract, the TTIA Conditions of Engagement and TTIA Rules of the Institute

In more recent years, TTIA has counted among its numerous achievements:

  • Architects Professional Practice Course and Exam (jointly administered with BoATT)
  • TTIA Diary and Sourcebook launch and sales
  • TTIA Standard Building Contract 2013, TTIA Minor Works Building Contract 2017 and associated launch events (in partnership with Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Surveyors)
  • TTIA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program and Course Series
  • TTIA Movie Nights

In parallel with these projects, TTIA continues to maintain on behalf of its members a strong voice as a key stakeholder in consultations related to the ongoing development of legislation, public policy and procedures impacting the practice of architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last two decades, these have included:

  • Planning and Facilitation of Development Bill (PAFD)
  • Public Procurement Bill (TTIA participated as part of the Joint Consultative Council or JCC)
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) to facilitate inter- and intra-regional trade in professional services as part of the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
  • Automation of the Construction Permitting System by the Town and Country Planning Division

TTIA will be celebrating the field and its esteemed contributors with a 65th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Ceremony on October 19th, 2019. Dominican Architect, editor of Caribbean Modernist Architecture and TTIA Honorary Member Gustavo Luis Moré has been engaged as the guest speaker.